Friday, August 8, 2014

Benefits of apple cider vinegar bloating

Consume apple vinegar in the morning can be an alternative for those who are accustomed to consuming coffee to get a shot of energy. You can consume a full glass of water mixed with apple vinegar drink healthy coffee substitute.

Boost the immune system
Apple vinegar is rich in vitamins and nutrients to boost your immune system. Besides, if you're sick, consume apple vinegar mixed with honey and lemon squeezes water can relieve colds and fever illness that you suffered.

remove warts
You have warts and want to eliminate annoying? You can remove it with apple vinegar. The trick is to mengompres warts with a cotton swab previously soaked in apple vinegar.

That's some apple vinegar benefits to increase your body's health. So start to be friends with apple vinegar to keep your body healthy and strong!