Saturday, August 30, 2014

Homemade face mask for acne and dark spots

Homemade face mask for acne and dark spots cucumber

In addition to having many nutrients contained in cucumber fruit, it also has benefits for beauty. So to use, cucumber juice can in and then rub on the face as a mask. Let stand until cucumbers dry out and immediately rinse thoroughly.

     How to Eliminate Acne with Masks AlamiMadu

Natural mask made ​​of honey can be used for all skin types. So we can use the honey to overcome the problem of acne. Way to stay smear honey on the pimply face and then let stand about 15 to 30 minutes. Afterwards rinse thoroughly. If after using the mask makes the skin dry, then you should use a moisturizer.

     Pineapple and papaya

There are some pieces that are very helpful for our skin, one of which is a mixture of pineapple and papaya. So the two combined and used as a natural mask is helpful to get rid of acne. Perform regular basis to obtain optimal results.